L11/L22 Multi Link Terminal MLT 2920

Concurrent multi link operation
The Multi Link Terminal MLT 2920 provides triple link capability by operating one Link 11 Data Terminal Set (DTS) concurrently with two Link 22 Signal Processing Controllers (SPCs). The DTS 2020 supplies all modem and network control functions required in a TADIL-A / NATO Link 11 system as per MIL-STD-188-203-1A. Supported frequency bands of operation are HF and UHF. The DTS 2020 supplies the modulation types Conventional Link Eleven Waveform (CLEW) and Single-tone Link Eleven Waveform (SLEW) (per SPAWAR-S-850). The MLT 2920 incorporates two functional Signal Processing Controller (SPC) entities, SPC #1 and SPC #2, providing concurrent dual-channel operation for Link 22. Each embedded SPC operates independent from the other one without any restrictions.

Optimized solution in size and life cycle
The Multi Link Terminal MLT 2920 is a 2U rackmount device offering solution for space restricted vessels. All operational connectors are located on the back side. Operator performs initial set to work by service interfaces located on the front side. Product care occurs in working order without dismounting. During life cycle user benefits from Link 22 growth potential by uploading new features to the MLT 2920.


Link 11

  • Crypto interface: NTDS parallel
  • Radio interface: nom. 0 dBm, balanced, 600 Ω
  • Control interface: RS-423 async.
  • Service interface: RS-232 compatible

Link 22

  • HF fixed frequency (HF-FF)
  • UHF fixed frequency (UHF-FF)
  • UHF frequency hopping (UHF-EPM)
  • Supporting latest NILE block cycle release
  • Front Ethernet service interface
  • Remote control of embedded SPCs by the SNC
  • Remote control of HF/UHF radios by each SPC


  • 2U 19 inch rack mount enclosure
  • Line-Replaceable-Unit (LRU)
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Environmental conditions acc. MIL-STD-810
  • Electromagnetic compatibility acc. MIL-STD-461


• Link 11:   DTS 2020
• Link 22:   SPC 1920
• Link 22:   SPC 1921
• Link 11/22:   MLT 2920

HFFF Optionen

Enhanced communi­cation for HFFF media as by:

  • STANAG 4539 annex E
    Traffic waveform 7
    Management waveform
  • STANAG 4539 annex F
    Traffic waveform 8–12
  • STANAG 4539 annex G
    Traffic waveform 13–18