Uncooled tactical thermal weapon sights for day/night operations with highly precice targeting capability.

The thermal imaging devices are available in different configurations for every operational scenario. The COYOTE family is designed to enable the soldier to shoot without pressing his eyes to the eyepiece. This feature provites the operator "eye's free" for any situational awareness.

The System is equiped with standard adapter for Picatinny rail enables quick release and combines operation with any day scope.

Details anfordern


  • Battery-operated
  • Ruggedized enclosure
  • High survivability
  • Fits Picatinny-type weapon adapter
  • High-resolution 384 x 288 / 640 x 480 array
  • Optional IR/Visible Laser Pointer
  • Video Output capability
  • Customizable display


    • Ruggedized
    • IR laser pointer
    • Video output

    Coyote Pocket scopes and Weapon sights

    Coyote 100 mm for heavy machine gun

    Coyote Clip-On for sniper