Thermal Imaging Sights

The capability to operate at day/night under severe vision conditions is a quality advantage in an overall combat scenario as well as in a limited conflict. The capability to acquire long-range targets or to observe small targets in high spatial resolution, such as human targets from a great distance, constitute a central and significant mission in the layout of collecting target and firing intelligence. TELEFUNKEN  RACOMS offers versatile and combined day/night systems for observation and target acquisition capabilities for different applications.

System Advantages

  • Regardless of distance
  • Independence from weather conditions (dust, fog and rain)

Combining services from EO-systems to one solution

  • Reconnaissance, Observation, Targeting & Detection capabilities
  • Recording, Data-sharing & Evaluation

Provision of results

  • In real time
  • Into any Battle Management/Information System
  • Distribute to a broad bandwidth of specific operation players

Main Capabilities

  • Data and picture fusion
  • Targeting
  • Recording and transmitting
  • Transformation into C4ISR
  • Fully stabilized
  • Laser see-spot & Gated imaging capability
  • From Short to very long ranges