Multi-Sensor Reconnaissance & Surveillance Vehicle Systems

Multi-range, customizable, real-time intelligence collection and dissemination Surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting are critical for providing armed forces with real-time situational awareness. Flexibility in surveillance range and sensor selection, combined with a high degree of survivability, is essential for mission success. Moreover, the ability to instantly process and disseminate data collected in the field is vital in achieving terrain dominance.

TELEFUNKEN RACOMS provides comprehensive surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting solutions for ground forces that can be fully customized to deliver effective intelligence in a broad range of operational scenarios. The solution offers multi-range options for surveillance, tracking and targeting, utilizing a combination of day and night sensors, radar, laser rangefinders/designators and on-board mini unmanned airborne systems (UAS). All sensors are fully controlled from the commander terminal, with digital maps for navigation and orientation. In addition, a combination of small, ground-based sensors (seismic and electro-optic) and radar provide the observation vehicle with  comprehensive perimeter security, allowing for the detection of approaching people and vehicles. TELEFUNKEN RACOMS - MSVS is fully compliant with international protocols, thereby enabling seamless data, voice and video communication with external systems.

Customizable multi-mission solutions extending the intelligence network

Multi-mission – The system’s flexibility allows it to be tailored to a wide variety of missions including target tracking, forward observer post, forward air control, long-range surveillance, air defense and command posts. Multiple ground-based and airborne sensors allow for a choice of close, medium or long-range observation.

Real-time intelligence network – The system is fully interoperable with external systems, allowing data to be collected from a variety of on-board and remote sensors and then disseminated in real-time.

Troop safety – Mobile systems can be expanded to include armor protection, countermeasures and weapon systems. Surveillance posts can be protected by a broad range of perimeter security measures including a variety of sensors.

Customizable solutions – The modular design of the payload enables maximum flexibility in sensor selection and target tracking for a wide variety of weapon systems. Available sensors include eye-safe laser rangefinders, target trackers, day and night cameras, ground surveillance radar systems and on-board mini UAS.

Operational Benefits

  • Close, medium or long-range targeting and observation
  • Real-time and accurate intelligence
  • Data collection from on-board and remote wireless sensors
  • Seamless voice, video and data integration with C4I systems
  • Fully customizable to a wide range of operational scenarios and missions
  • Broad range of protection, countermeasures and perimeter security

Key components

The following sub-systems combine to deliver a comprehensive solution for ground forces:

Extendible telescope mast

    • Vehicle-mounted
    • Retractable, foldable, electrical, hydraulic or hand-operated

    Electro-optical pedestal

      • Eye-safe laser rangefinders
      • Automatic target tracking
      • Thermal cameras
      • Day cameras
      • Stabilization systems
      • Lightweight network-ready sensors

      Surveillance Radar

      • Lightweight and compact
      • Standalone or networked configuration
      • Durable, all-weather operation
      • Minimal possibility of jamming
      • Low probability of detection

      On-board mini UAS

      • Highly autonomous flight reconnaissance including fly-by-camera
      • Bungee-assisted hand or rail launch
      • Exceptionally quiet electric propulsion
      • Gyro-stabilized, gimbaled payload
      • Secured digital data link

      Command and control

      • Displays & Tactical computers
      • Battle management system


      • Radio and satellite communication
      • Digital vehicular intercommunication system


      • Armor protection for AFVs
      • Laser warning systems and countermeasures
      • Remote controlled weapons station
      • Perimeter fences and ground protection system
      • Ground sensor