PRS 2020 - Portable Ground Surveillance Radar

PRS 2020 radar is operational and used by military, border patrol, and Homeland Security (HLS) agencies.

PRS monitors a designated area of interest, detects & tracks any moving target and offers unique properties that combine to provide armed forces, special operations, and security personnel with integrated, real-time tactical surveillance, intelligence gathering and target detection, classification & identification of human and/or vehicles operating in the area of interest.
Unique software enables integration of single units within complex multi-sensor systems, thus maximizing applicability in the field.

The Portable Ground Surveillance Radar - PRS 2020 is a unique lightweight man-portable radar, which is capable of intercepting, detecting and following targets moving on or close to the ground.


It can also classify and differentiate targets based on their size and movement characteristics. The radar is a versatile, cost-effective solution offering a multitude of advantages making it an ideal choice for border guard, battlefield surveillance, civilian and military installation security and combat operations duties.

As a result of its low weight and small dimensions, PRS can be carried in backpacks by a two-man team. It is also mountable on vehicles and on fixed posts as needed. PRS 2020 can be used as a standalone unit or in network of 2-3 radars up to several dozen sensors, as required by the specifics of the surveillance scenario.

The highly advanced DSP technologies integrated in PRS 2020 differentiate between moving and stationary targets, determine the exact parameters of the detected targets and control the adaptive detection during changing environmental conditions. The DSP algorithms provide information in ’ready to display’ format for the operator unit or remote control center. The operation of the PRS is controlled from the operator unit or command center. The radar’s control software is capable of utilizing different map formats and displaying the detected targets over the map. The software is designed in a user friendly way. Small icons represent the different functions and make learning easy even for untrained users.

The radar can be set up and made ready for operation in five minutes. It is easy to maintain and operate with minimal need for special training. The software supports the integration of this single radar into complex multisensor systems. The radar is very durable, capable of withstanding a wide range of environmental factors and is also very reliable, with only a minimal chance of malfunctioning (MTBF > 10000 hours). Due to its operating principles PRS 2020 has minimal possibility of being jammed or intercepted (LPI-Low Probability of Intercept). The Radar is designed for easy integration with command and control systems and can be interfaced via Ethernet, RS485 or WLAN.

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  • Integrated map handling
  • Integrated GPS and north finding device
  • Interoperable with day/night EO cameras