Tactical Data Links

Tactical Data Links are essential means to provide situational awareness in the battlefield. Homeland security (e.g. coast guard) benefits from interoperability with supporting military forces. Tactical data links can support and provide situational awareness for desaster relief, in case local infrastructure is limited or destroyed.

Link 16 operates line-of-sight (LOS) connec­tions in the UHF band, between and to high flying fixed-wing assets. Link 11 operates electively in either HF or UHF band, used by Navies mostly for beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) connectivity enabled by HF communication. Link 22 is the upcoming replacement for Link 11, providing substantially improved capabilities and thus complementing Link 16 superbly.

With end of 2017 first Link 22 systems are announced to achieve operational readiness. During a transition period Link 11 will remain in force as solution for basic allied inter­opera­bility, as Link 11 is installed worldwide on numerous ships, heli­copters, maritime patrol air­crafts (MPA) and ground stations like NATO's ship-shore-ship-buffer (SSSB).

TELEFUNKEN RACOMS supports Link 11 and Link 22 operation by its sophisticated products Link 11 Data Terminal Set "DTS 2020" and Link 22 Signal Processing Controller "SPC 1920" (naval form factor) respectively "SPC 1921" (airborne form factor). The Multi Link Terminal "MLT 2920" physically combines the capabilities of the DTS 2020 and the SPC 1920 in one housing.

An introduction to tactical data links, products, and integration aspects can be found here.

Quick Links

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