PRC-710 Handheld

The latest generation PRC-710 radio was designed and developed in direct response to emerging combat requirements. The PRC-710 incorporates improvements driven by real combat experience. The RT-710 weighs less than 750 grams, making it the lightest radio of its type on the market. At the same time, this advanced, powerful radio packs a comprehensive set of features. The PRC-710 is fully compatible with the frequency hopping CNR-900 and CNR-9000 radio systems.

The PRC-710 completes the CNR-900 and CNR-9000 families of manpack, vehicular and fixed station radios, delivering seamless interoperability.

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  • Low-weight handheld radio with 5 watts power output
  • Whisper mode
  • Variety of antennas and audio accessories
  • Optional: PRC-710HP high power 6/20 Watt manpack
  • Unique ECCM facility defeats powerful EW
  • High degree of voice and message security
  • Powerful error detection/correction codes and automatic data rate adaptation
  • Compatible with CNR-900 and CNR-9000 radio systems

    Special Features

    • Assembles to one set with PNR 500 / 1000

    • Handhald, manpack and vehicular sets available
    • ECCM capable with hop mode
    • State of the art encryption