Personal Network Radio

Personal Network radios maximize mission coordination and effectiveness for dismounted soldiers at the squad, platoon or company level.

Deployed by infantry, special forces, forward observers, snipers and anti-terror units, the PNR-500 and PNR-1000 provide voice and data communications in a variety of operational environments, including urban, woodland, open and mixed terrain. 

The radio’s light weight, long range and comprehensive feature sets make the family an important component in mission success.

PNR-500 Personal Network Radio

The PNR-500 offers simultaneously voice (full-duplex conference conversation) and data communication. In addition, it features ease of use, dynamic synchronization, handsfree operation and inter-connectivity to long-range radio networks.

The PNR-500’s unique full-duplex conference capability enables communication up to six simultaneous users with an unlimited number of listeners. Consequently, crucial operational decisions can be made according to real-time information, improving coordination and eliminating fatal errors.

Features / Characteristics

  • Sub-networking on a common single channel
  • A rugged construction that meets the strictest military standards
  • An “always available” channel for emergency
  • Optimal frequency selection for all-terrain operability
  • Both intra-team and inter-team communications
  • Support for high data rates
  • Sub-networks: allowing access to four “virtual private channels” over a single physical frequency
  • Emergency break-in and broadcast
  • Transmission priority mode
  • Customized radio functionality with audible menu messages and alerts
  • Whisper function for covert operations
  • Free frequency search (FFS): a dynamic frequency allocation module for optimal performance in noisy/jammed environments
  • Internal GPS receiver

PNR-1000 Handheld

PNR-1000 is a compact and lightweight radio integrates high-quality intra-team voice, data video communications and C4I capabilities. PNR-1000 is offered as a scalable and upgradable radio, it includes advanced capabilities such as full duplex voice communication, dynamic network architecture, priority mode communication, interconnectivity to long-range radio networks and an unprecedented operational range.

The radio’s intuitive MMI (audible indication) along with its hands-free and blind operation deliver unprecedented levels of operational efficiency, making the PNR-1000 the ideal radio for infantry and special forces.

Features / Characteristics

  • Simultaneous voice, data and voice communication
  • Embedded C4I capabilities - optional
  • Embedded GPS + AGPSR
  • Ad-hoc networking
  • Connectivity to additional units (radio/intercom/PDA)
  • Voice and data supporting IP networking
  • Advanced interfaces
  • Audible indication of modes of operation and functions
  • Comprehensive built-in-test (BIT)
  • Long battery life
  • Conference / full-duplex
  • Hierarchical networks with flexible network configuration
  • AES 256 encryption based on FIPS 197 standards
  • Whisper function for covert operations
  • VOX operation: Voice operation activity
  • Software based radio
  • VA capabilities: VA adapter and charger
  • Range of 2-3 km LOS
  • Connect to external long range radio