HRM 7400 Vehicular Station

The HRM 7400 is a highly mobile HF radio station for use in vehicles. Its compact design and low power consumption make installation in vehicles particularly easy.

Features / Characteristics

  • Conventional data and voice transmission or with automatic link establishment (ALE)
  • Various communication methods, international and national standards can be activated by software
  • 10/30/100/400 Watt power output
  • Compact design
  • Detachable antenna tuning unit
  • Remote control option via remote workstation
  • Environmental datas according to MIL-STD-810 E and VG 95332

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Standard equipment

  • HF transceiver HRU 7000 (with integrated radio processor and modem)
  • HF power amplifier unit PAU 7400
  • Vehicle mounting unit VMU 7000
  • SW package RAMSSYS for data communication and control


  • Whip antenna
  • Vehicular dipole antenna DPA 7402
  • Semi-mobile dipole antenna DPA 7400
  • Handset standard/encrypted
  • Communication computer (e.g. T42x, Laptop)

HRM 7400

HRM 7400 Vehicular Station
ATU 7400 Antenna Unit
PAU 7400
HRU 7000E Transceiver