HF-Communication System HRA 5100

The HF data transmission system is an autonomous HRA 5100 radio communication system for airborne platforms and is consisted of transmitter / receiver HTR 5100 and the antenna tuning unit ATU 5100. MAHRS is used for data transmission.

The system concept allows operation of the radio data system HRA 5100 over a control interface. There are no other controls, neither at the transmitter / receiver or at the antenna tuning unit. To allow a universal use, the operator interface is designed by MIL-STD-1553B bus (eg TIGER) and V.24 interface for different environment. Both types of interfaces can alternatively be operated in the transmitter/receiver HTR 5100. A synchronous V.24 interface is provided as a data interface, which allows the connection of an encryption unit.

The DTE (data sink / source for user data) is not part of the radio communication system HRA 5100.

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Special Features:

  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Robust waveforms
  • High data rate at all flight profiles
Cockpit TIGER