HF-6000 – Combat-proven and multi-adaptive HF radio systems

The HF-6000 radio systems deliver combat-proven HF operations to the modern battlefield. Offering advanced COMSEC and ECCM functions, these radio systems offer highly-reliable and secure voice and data HF communications. They also incorporate a wide range of proprietary tactical antennas, specifically designed to address complex operational scenarios. In addition, they can be fully integrated with C4I systems and are available in portable man-pack, vehicular, ship, fixed station and high-power configurations.

Multi-adaptive – The advanced capabilities built into the radio systems allow it to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield conditions, ensuring increased operational efficiency and reliable communications at all times. The HF-6000 provides automatic and fast selection of optimal frequency for rapid and reliable link establishment. The radio systems enable frequency-hopping over the entire frequency band, providing dependable operations even in densely-jammed environments. The built-in high-rate modems support flexible data transmissions which guarantee a high probability of error-free data transfer, even under the harshest communication conditions. The HF-6000 has the ability to transmit messages to individuals, groups or all network members (selective calling). In addition, the power output is automatically adapted to communication conditions. Radio status information and visual alerts are show

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Key Features

  • MIL-STD ALE and AutoCall
  • Digital active squelch
  • Selective calling
  • High speed data communication
  • Advanced ECCM
  • Internal GPS
  • Built-in low-rate vocoders
  • Dual frequency
  • Burst
  • Adaptive data transmission

    Antenna Solutions

    TELEFUNKEN RACOMS offers a variety of antennas based on the prevailing operational requirements. The proprietary NVIS solution is designed to overcome skip zone communication problems and to provide a continuous communication range from 0 to more than 1000km.