EKASUS Reception channel search system

Use of EKASUS increases the availability of radio connections in the short wave range. Apart from dissemination conditions, transmission reliability of short wave communication greatly depends on the frequencies used being assigned to other transmitters. Up to now, efficient frequency management was only possible due to the wealth of experience of a few specialists.

EKASUS transforms this knowledge into automated processes and supports frequency management in short wave radio systems very effectively and contemporarily. These processes use an integrated radio forecast, take the current assignment of the radio channels into account and evaluate the history based on a database.

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Features and Characteristics

  • Integrated radio forecast
  • Higher order and central frequency management in command posts
  • Frequency management for up to 8 HF radio networks
  • Passive evaluation of radio channels in real time (passively evaluates up to 10 frequencies per second)
  • Integrated database with information on channel quality
  • Provision of the results on data carrier, via LAN or telephone line
  • Automatic transmission of frequency recommendations to the radio network control center of the HF radio system HRS 7000
  • EKASUS software is installed as a service and is therefore available to many users
  • Various versions available for stationary, semi-mobile and mobile operation
  • Reduces the requirements for the administrators of HF radio networks

Basic equipment

  • HF transceiver HRU 7000
  • Frame antenna
  • SW package for data communication and control

Special Features

  • Availability of short wave radio connections
  • Prevents interference with external radio networks
  • Simplifies administration of radio networks in command posts


  • Power supply PSU 7000
  • Communication computer 
  • Equipment case
  • Connection and junction cables