HF-Funk Mar

HF-Funk MAR is a military HF communication System used in the German Navy.This system is based on the TELEFUNKEN RACOMS Radio Communication System FARCOS (Fast Adaptive Radio Communication System).

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  • Interoperability based on standardized and automatic transmission procedures
  • High message throughput at low error rate
  • High availability of the communication link

The system architecture supports the following subnets:

  • HF subnet MAHRS
  • HF subnet STANAG 5066
  • LAN subnet
  • Serial network
  • HF subnet STANAG 4538 FLSU and RLSU
  • HF subnet STANAG 5066 / 4538 Circuit Link


Installed on different platforms

  • Frigate F122/123/124
  • Corvette K130
  • Tender 404
  • Combat Support Ship EGV 702