Neuer Ausstatter für Nachtsichtbrillen der Bundeswehr

Upgrade VLF broadcast radio station in Saterland/Ramsloh

The German Armed Forces tasked TELEFUNKEN Radio Communication Systems GmbH & Co. KG with the modernization of the VLF broadcast radio station in Saterland/Ramsloh.

Within this modernization of the VLF broadcast radio station, the system will be customized to the latest versions of radio transmitter technology and operational requirements. This also includes an extensive software update for the systems control.

The radio station itself is placed on an area 5,4 square kilometers wide located in Lower Saxony. The scope of delivery involves comprehensive logistic services including the service as well as operational staffs training courses referring the new technology’s handling.

The broadcasting system is specified for a frequency range from 14 to 50 kHz. It is divided in 2 half systems with its own protective structures with 4 antennas each, which are attached to the structures. To guarantee the operational capability of submarines during the modernization one half system will be in process uninterrupted. This fact makes the project a challenging task.

The project duration is almost three years.





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