Mission Statement- Competence and Continuity

Since 2004 the company TELEFUNKEN RACOMS is known on the market under this company name but the roots of the company go back to the beginning of the former century. During this period new knowledge and know-how had been aquired. One of the companys authenticity was the principle of continuous development. Both, in past and today highly performed applications for Security and Defense could only be developed under a stable mutual trust. TELEFUNKEN  RACOMS maintains enduring relationships with customers and has always the ambition to respond individually to their requirements.

Quality and comprehensiveness: One of the oldest values ​​of our company is our uncompromising quality. With the combination of experience and responsibility, we have developed a long-proven product portfolio. These systems are constantly optimize in cooperation with our customers and therefore they maintain to the requirement throughout their lif.

TELEFUNKEN RACOMS offers turnkey systems, which means for you: in time, within budget and of high quality.
TELEFUNKEN RACOMS supports you throughout the whole product lifecycle.



TELEFUNKEN RACOMS is pushing product innovation and adapting to modern
technologies and thus faces new challenges every day.

Development/ Planning

TELEFUNKEN RACOMS develops future-oriented products and offers customized


TELEFUNKEN RACOMS’ long tradition obliges to ensuring quality and the best possible support to the customers. This way top level position of TELEFUNKEN RACOMS in international competition is reinforced.

Multicultural cooperation

ELEFUNKEN RACOMS has extensive experience in international cooperation.