Better than ever

As a result of our long history, the accumulation of knowledge and experience and the specialization in former times, we are a competent partner for secure radio communication and equipment. But today and in future our customers could expect more from us: Due to the expansion of our product portfolio and expanding our services, we are going to considerably improve our performance in the areas of Defense & Security and train communication.

Mobile high-performance radios, tactical data links via modems, parallel voice and data transmission, video streams from moving trains in real-time - it would be interesting to know whether Heinrich Hertz was aware of the importance of his discovery of electromagnetic waves detection 1888. He laid the foundations of a global brand, from which we finally turned to TELEFUNKEN RACOMS are after a long company history. Expanding our portfolio with powerful military night vision equipment, electo-optical and sensor systems to laser and radar warning systems for the protection of personnel and equipment is the logical next step and put TELEFUNKEN RACOMS in the demanding role of a system provider.
Actual we are better than ever and more than a specialist for radio communication: We are TELEFUNKEN  RACOMS.