1903 - Foundation of TELEFUNKEN GmbH (fusion of AEG and Siemens & Halske) –
1st German Research and Development company for radio communication technology

1985 - SY5000 adaptive HF-system for NATO special forces

1989 - Foundation of DASA Holding by Dornier GmbH, MBB, MTU and
TELEFUNKEN system technology

1989 - Development of Maglev radio communication system

1997 - German navy bought adaptive HF-modems

1998 - Tactical HF communication system 7x00 for rapid employment of special forces (RRF); successful field trial of MMv-mission information system

1999 - Successful Trial of Transrapid in Lathen (Germany) with our communication system
This system was exposed on the German Expo 2000.

2000 - Foundation of „EADS Radio Communication System GmbH & Co. KG - EADS RACOMS“

2001 - Providing of HF communication system for German Tiger/NH90

2002 - Successful introduction of the radio system for the Transrapid in Shanghai; successful flight of the unmanned airborne drone Taifun; successful use of our Selective Multicoupler SMK 100 on a frigate 124

2004 - Renaming of - EADS RACOMS in „TELEFUNKEN Radio Communication Systems GmbH & Co. KG - TELEFUNKEN RACOMS“

2007 - Project CONRAD for the Austrian Army; Providing for German Navy: ships with adaptive communication radio link

2008 - TRainCom System demonstration in Asia and Europe

2009 -  Contract Barcelona Metro L9 (TrainCom MT); Contract LINK 22 (SPC 1920) with Canada;
Contract over “Multiple Adaptive HF Radio System - MAHRS“ for the German program „Streitkräftegemeinsame Funkgeräteausstattung – SVFuA“

2010 -  Contract München Metro (TrainCom MT); Contract MLT 2920 for the Dutch Navy

2011 - Follow-up order for our tactical HF communication radio system (HRM 7400/7000)

2012 - Follow-up order for our tactical HF communication radio system (HRM 7400/7000)

2012 - Contract upgrade SMK 1000 for frigates F124 and corvettes K130

2013 - Extension of the SVFuA Contract

2013 - Delivery of PRC 710 and PNR 500 Radio Communication Systems to Indonesia

2014 - Contract upgrade BS 7010 for the German Army

2015 - Outsourcing of the business area "TRainCom" to SIEMENS

2016 - Contract "Upgrade VLF broadcast radio station in Saterland/Ramsloh"



TELEFUNKEN RACOMS is pushing product innovation and adapting to modern
technologies and thus faces new challenges every day.

Development/ Planning

TELEFUNKEN RACOMS develops future-oriented products and offers customized


TELEFUNKEN RACOMS’ long tradition obliges to ensuring quality and the best possible support to the customers. This way top level position of TELEFUNKEN RACOMS in international competition is reinforced.

Multicultural cooperation

ELEFUNKEN RACOMS has extensive experience in international cooperation.