MLT 2920

Triple Link operation

The Multi-Link Terminal MLT 2920 provides triple link capability by operating one Link 11 DTS plus two Link 22 SPCs simultaneously. The Link 11 DTS supplies all modem and network control functions required in a TADIL-A / NATO Link 11 system. Both Link 22 SPCs supply full Link 22 Signal Processing Controller func­tionality, including the HF enhancements for robust, long-range, and high-speed operation. The Link 22 SNC comprehensively configures joined SPC(s). Conse­quently the MLT 2920 eliminates manual SPC intervention. Each Link 22 SPC supports the JICO by remote control of connected HF, UHF, and SATURN radios.

Optimized solution in size and life cycle

The Multi-Link Terminal MLT 2920 is a 2U rackmount device offering solution for space restricted vessels. All operational connectors are located on the back side. Operator performs both Link 11 and Link 22 set-to-work by two associated service interfaces located on the front side. All services occur in working order without dismounting. During whole life cycle user benefits from Link 22 growth potential by uploading improvements and new features to MLT 2920 applying COTS tools.

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Capabilities / Characteristics

  • Weight: approx. 10 kg (22 lb)
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 / 400 Hz
  • Link 11 applied standards:

    • CLEW waveform as per MIL-STD-188-203-1A
    • SLEW waveform as per SPAWAR-S-850

  • Link 11 waveforms: CLEW and SLEW
  • Link 11 frequency bands of operation: HF and UHF
  • Link 11 interfaces:

    • Crypto: NTDS parallel interface
    • Audio: nominal 0 dBm, balanced, 600Ω
    • Radio keyline
    • Remote control: RS-423 async.
    • Service : RS-232 compatible

  • Link 22 applied standards:

    • NILE Interface Requirement Specification
    • NILE Communication Media Segment Specification
    • NATO STANAG 4205, 4372, 4539 annex D

  • Link 22 supported media:

    • Fixed frequency operation for HF and UHF
    • UHF with electronic protection measures (SATURN mode)

  • Link 22 interfaces:

    • LLC: RS-422 async.
    • HF-FF audio: nom. 0 dBm (adjustable), balanced, 600Ω
    • UHF-FF audio: NRZ (adjustable), balanced, 600Ω
    • Radio keyline
    • UHF-EPM Data: RS-232 / RS-422 async. 115 kbps
    • Radio Control: RS-232 / RS-422 async.
    • UTC Input: RS-485 (Time protocol and PPS)
    • Service: Ethernet


  • Link 11 waveforms: CLEW and SLEW
  • Link 11 frequency bands of operation: HF and UHF