HCS 1810

The HCS 1810 represents a NATO standard STANAG 4444 compliant Radio Processor/Modem Controller built in a standard 19” slide-in stainless steel module.

With the exception of a HF transceiver, the HCS 1810 represents a complete frequency hopping HF-communication system which can be integrated into an existing communication system. Stand-alone use is also possible. The system is equipped with an built-in L1 GPS receiver and interfaces for a transceiver, for a Message Handling System and a GPS Antenna. Additional interfaces will be engineered optionally to the customers requirements.

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    • STANAG 4444 based slow-frequency hopping HF communication system
    • Comprises Network-, Data-Link-layer and Modem-layer technology in a single 19" slide in module 
    • Allows for stand-alone and integrated operation 
    • Provides fast and robust link setup variants 
    • Supports traffic types like data continuous and data message variable length and digital voice 
    • Provides Late Traffic, Late Net Entry and Break-In functionality
    • Survives even in the absence of GPS due to various TOD services 
    • Employs STANAG 4444 TRANSEC mechanisms to protect the over the air transmission